Just Go

basically means to go. (no specifics, only people who “just go” will understand.)instant (verb), to (verb)in any manner or way, no real way(do something without thinking).thinking is allowed, as long as you “go”. to do something out of the ordinary. “going” is an on going action.(to finish,start, or continue). to make up something while you are doing something, randomness, to live your own way. to “go” also refering to be a rebel or to be yourself.
person 1: i wanna tap dat. person 2 “just go”. person 1: i wanna ask dat girl out. person 2: then “go”, don’t want.
person 1:if a guy puts his w-ng up your hole, what do you do? person 2:”just go”. person 1: i don’t have a date to prom. person 2: “just go”… by yourself. person 1: why are you naked? person 2:i “just go”. person 1:my gun is jammed and theres too many enemies. person 2: who cares, “just go”!
when a person is fed up and wants you to leave immediatley without question or concern of to where you might be going and/or where you will end up.
person 1: whatever, im out of here

person 2: fine f-ck you then

person 1: okee dokee

person 2: just go already dayum

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