Just to say

a person who does things “just to say” they are but they’re really not.

john is the epitome of an -sshole, but sometimes he’s nice just to say he’s nice because he’s trying to impress someone.

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  • jutsin

    to never be on time, but always arriving when one means to arrive. being fashionably late “sorry i was jutsin, i didn’t wanna be early though”

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    a mixture of chicken, lamb, rice, pita that is served on 6th and 53rd in manhattan with extra extra white sauce and a bit of hot saucee. u guys gota try it 😎 platters, chicken and rice, gyro a carefully constructed pub snack/meal consisting of crisps of varied flavours, nuts, again of varied flavours and […]

  • skeetahwomp

    used by 1337 hax0rs inplace of the word splat :d when you make a peanut b-tter and jelly sandwich and then you beat it with a hammer you scream “skeetahwomp”

  • emanie

    s-xy -ss, long legs, tanned skin, dark hair, runs fast and likes s-x! get’s it at the parties, ’cause, turn down for what? wow, you see that chick walking down the street? she looks chill as h-ll, she must be an emanie!

  • skeetarella

    the most beautiful female in the world whos only purpose in the relationship is to cook, clean, and have s-x. this is her only purpose in life. d-mn tyrone, you gots you a real skeetarella doin you b-tch work.

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