a young man,with very small legs and arms usually likely to crush on kids smaller then him,he is also very fun and energetic,josh r very special but weird creatures
see that thing the bush that’s hairy that’s a jyotish

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  • consummated

    consummated means having a marriage and having fun after. usually s-xual intercorse to complete a marriage. a marriage could be annulled if it had never been consummated.

  • doc the dick

    a g-y guy that guy is a doc the d-ck

  • batty lad

    a g-y -ss person ohh mate he’s a batty lad

  • a rack of tits

    a flock of birds of the species “t-t.” “oh walley, i see a rack of t-ts flying up in the ozone layer!”

  • reasons and stuff

    when you are too lazy to explain yourself. why did you get married? “because reasons and stuff” why is the sky blue? “because reasons and stuff” why you always lying? “because reasons and stuff”

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