she is very lucky go have this name. a very unknown yet very unique name to be bestowed upon her. she is most likely mixed with african- american and asian. she is breathtaking in every way possible and even when she does not try to catch attention she always does. she wants to always be the peacemaker. she never wants to stay mad at someone else but make peace with them. she is a sneaky and intelligent person, and is not afraid to hide it. once she cares about someone, she will do anything for them. no one can have so much care like a jyrni can. even if you do not care about her, she still has a place for you in her heart. she is loyal to the people who accept who she is. at times, she can be stubborn and say to much of what is on her mind without thinking how it will affect the ones around her. she is a risk taker and sometimes does not make the most wise decisions. she knows how to keep someone llaughing and is the most understanding person. you can trust her and talk to her about anything and everything. she can easily make friends, especially with the guys. but when she has grown an attraction toward someone, she will most likely be shy and not willing to talk to them. she is the mix between a girly girl and a tomboy. but if she could choose between heels and tennis shoes, she would choose the tennis shoes. you can go on and on about jyrni and her amazement.
jyrni is a great role model.

jyrni is the most caring person i know.
“if jyrni is going to the party, then i can go to the party too, right mom?”

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