online: 1. a term of acknowledgement; esp. without particular interest.
let’s go rent some p-rnos.

the letter k drawn in celtic style
the 11th letter of the alphabet.
fourth letter of the f bomb.
prefix for kilo which equals 1000
people too lazy to spell “ok” use this letter instead.
a strikeout in baseball.
-.- in morse code.
symbol for pot-ssium in the periodic table of the elements.
if you see k, tell her i want some.
1. a short version of “ok” (used mostly online)

2. slang name for an “ak-47”

3. a letter of the alphabet
1 “let’s go to the park, k?

2. “pull that k out homie”

3. the letter “k”
stands for the number 1000. most often used to refer to a monetary figure.
1k = $1,000
30k = $30,000

they’re offering a 40k salary for the job.
1: the response a girl uses when she is p-ssed off at you, if you dont tell her what she wants to hear, or if you are just straight up annoying

2: the shortened version of “okay”

3: the letter people use when they are to lazy to say okay
boy: “you are a b-tch”
girl: “k”

guy 1: “lets go get some food”
guy 2: “k”

friend 1: “ill talk to you later”
friend 2: “k”
ketamine- 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)- cyclohexanone.

powered god
its a thin line between genus and insanity and i think i just snorted it.
1. an ak-47.
2. ketamine or special k. this cool drug is a dissociative and is usually snorted or taken orally in a pill(k-bomb).
3. a kilogram(kg). (1000g) 1kg = 2.2lb
4. a kilometre(km).(1000m)1 mile = 1.6km
5. $1000.
1. “you better not be tellling any c-nts about those k’s that i got imported from russia.”
2. dude 1: “you want to go b-mp a few lines of k?”
dude 2: “i’m going to drop a ‘k-bomb’ later on….but i may aswell have a few lines now.”
3. pothead 1: “how much do you think 10k of bud costs?”
pothead 2: “hmmm,i dunno….that’s a lot of weed.”
4. “i live about 2 k’s from here.”
5. “your car cost $100 000? (said with doubt): really 100k ? bullsh-t!”

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