kadain: a name (male)

kadains are very pleased with life and does not let anything bring them down for too long. kadains enjoy laughter and making new friendsat any time and are great listeners when a friend is in need. this is why most people cling to a kadain and never wants to let them go. if departure occurs, the friend of kadain will have plenty of great memories to take with them. kadains can sometimes be stubborn with their time or if they need alone time. a kadain is truly in love when proven that the other cares and gives a kadain the affection needed. kadain is only figured out when a relationship has been long enough to understand his moods of any time being.

kadains love music, video games, and people. kadains can be sometimes quiet, but this is only when they are confused about a topic or has been distracted by something more appealing. kadains love animals and children because they aren’t a big problem to get along with.

kadains aren’t entirely worried about fashion or appearance unless the is doing it for himself. but a kadains good listening skills and his charm will be viewed secondly after his handsome face.
person 1: who’s that guy over there with that nice smile?

person 2: you don’t know him? he’s kadain, the charmer.

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