a man with a very long black p-n-s. a 9.5 inch w-ng, and is also a beast in the sheets
oh girl, that boy was a kadavion!

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    someone who is cl-ssy, sophisticated, and/or bougie as f-ck. may be refered to as middle/upper cl-ss. dan: have you seen robert, he is so bougie? john: no, he is just highborn man.

  • driden

    a powerful force of story telling dude i pulled a driden last night while talking to this hot chick she totally believes i have 4 black belt i only have tho

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    a tall mushroom boy with native american heritage. often wears moccasins and drinks a lot of arizona tea. bad at planning things and being on time “wow that guy is such a f-ggot. he must be a trev petersen”

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