smexii, goregous, sweet and sensitive. nice but also s-ssy, definetly cl-ssy and got a nice -ssy!
kaelon you is so goregous!

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  • jackupsguy

    (n) one who is in a state of awesomeness. jackupsguy is da bomb!

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    verb to send out an email to a person or mailing list for whom the content of the email was not intended. noun an email sent out to recipients for whom the content of the email was not intended. 1. accidentally including someone on the recipient list for an email that speaks negatively about them. […]

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    when your friend or colleague has been farting all day co-worker 1: holy sh-t! it smells like a dirty corn hole in here. co-worker 2: yeah, drakes been eating hard boiled eggs and cabbage since 9 o’clock co-worker 1: yup,he’s got a case of the skunk b-tt this is when someone smells so bad, as […]

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    a german chef that hurls a bucket of batter in your face when you open the door, and strumbles back from his lack of balance.

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    verb (to e-flurry): a general term for various internet-based activities, such as checking e-mails, posting on forums and other online correspondences. the lower-case ‘e’ ensures it cannot be applied to any exercises that don’t involve internet connectivity. toyah: hey, what are you doing on that computer? robert: oh you know, just e-flurrying

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