a really beautiful, nice , caring person who everybody loves and is always there for you
she is such a kaelyn! we have so much in common
a name originating from ireland, meaning pure beauty. usually someone with an amazing personality, a generally nice person but can be a real b-tch when necessary.
dude #1: “i just met the most amazing person today!”

dude #2: “really? what’s her name?”

dude #1: “kaelyn :)”
a really nice and awesome girl whose kick -ss and cool. she is really pretty and can be a b-tch when she wants. otherwise she is caring and is always helping others.
a: wow that girl is so awesome!
b: what’s her name?
a: kaelyn
kaelyns are plain, ugly, stupid wh-r-s. and since they are plain, ugly and stupid they will give up anything to get any action they can (hence why they are wh-r-s.) they can be manipulated very easily, all you have to do is give them a little attention. a little male attention goes along way to them, they will throw away anything for it. like their own bestfriends, the bestfriends who trusted them and loved them. or their dignity and the respect of everyone they know. because in the end, all that matters to them is getting a little bit of attention so their pathetic low self esteem can be boosted a little bit. they’re straight up disgusting.
i dumped my -sshole boyfriend last night! he told me he recently had a thing with my former bestfriend.

who was this b-tch?

kaelyn, remember that dumb b-tch?

ew, i just puked.
someone who was once a good friend, and then turns into a backstabbing b-tch in a matter of seconds.
my friend totally pulled a kaelyn yesterday and told my mom everything. now we don’t talk anymore.

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