usually, a surname of a royalty descendant, people with this surname are known to be super awesome!!!
these kafri´s are awesome, super awesome people.

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  • stoma stuffing

    f-cking the stoma hole until you c-m in it and choke the person to death. woman: why isnt sally at the party? me: i gave her a stoma stuffing last night. her funeral is tomorrow.

  • vakii

    game changer, plug of plugs, hustler. take a look at that n-gg- right there. he vakii as f-ck. don’t second guess, he can get you a kilo for 12.

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    kenrob is the most awesome guy u could ever meet. his name is ken, but his mama called himrobbie. his closest peeps call him kenrob. if u ever get the chance to meet one, or especially date one…. hang on to him because he’s awesome in bed, knows alot about life, will always be there […]

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    a sweet, genuine, and down-to-earth person but can be savage and a little too blunt. adventurous and loves to laugh. known as a heartbreaker when she chooses to. overall fun person to be with. “kimbeezy is lit”

  • ducati curse

    a form of black magic often used to bestow hardships upon another mans motorcycle, most commonly used against bmw owners as they are also european motorcycle owners. yo man, that dude put that ‘ducati curse’ on my sh-t.

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