a very sweet, strong, loyal, handsome male. he’ll always be there for you and will never let his friends, significant others and family get disrespected. he tends to be a big mommas boy, but he respects her more than any other female he’ll ever know besides his significant other. he’s not someone to mess with. he’s one to give respect as long as he is recieving it. he will not put up with snitches, abusers or s-xual deviants, he’ll just murk their -sses. he’ll love with all his heart he just has a hard time showing it and talking about his feelings. he’s a thug with a big heart. when he looks into your eyes you know he truly loves and cares about you. he also has a really big “ego” but has a right to. he’s an amazing kisser and an even better love maker. he’s just a perfect guy that every girl should look for.
he’s perfect, he’s sweet, s-xy, and a gansta. he’s a total kagon.

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