kailaya is a beautiful girl who doesn’t know it. she has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. she’s a very happy girl on the outside but inside she’s lost. kailaya is a flirt but she isn’t a wh-r-. she love math and one of the top students in math. she likes to tease guys cause its funny and she likes when they try to say something back. kailaya loves to go on nature walks cause she loves seeing the beauty in nature. she easy makes friends but only has 1-2 true friends. she loves to hangout with her friends, and loves talking about random things. she is a great listener and gives great advice but not good at taking her own advice. kailaya is one of the most kindest person on earth but when she has to she will make the person who said something rude regret it.
kailaya sings a song in public
everyone who here’s comments her

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