kaiyu- j-panese for “many pleasures.”

-the son of g-d (see gavin). kaiyu was sent to earth at the turn of the century to redeem the world from suffering and misery.

his infectious laughter and a silly sense of humor can make even the hardest heart crumble.

they are superior physically, most kaiyus are up to 3 times larger than a normal sized human due to their elohim dna.

they are ultra intelligent and yet have an empathic spirit that exudes kindness and comp-ssion.

their amazingly disarming good looks have been know to make women from infancy to to the elderly swoon and gush.
wow! look at that dude’s fine -ss girlfriend, that guy is such a kaiyu.
johnny, you grew 3 inches over the summer, keep growing like that and people will think you are a kaiyu.

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