kalette gon mess yo life up😘

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  • ogr

    initial slang for “old guys rule!” a three-word celebration of the positive aspects of life after middle-age (50+). i’m close enough to retirement i can get out before my boss could go through the process to fire me, so i can say pretty much anything i want! ogr!!!

  • fluffywubble

    a light caress with intentions of a powerful hit. shawn went to punch me, but he almost missed and ever so gently fluffywubbled my face.

  • jatin

    a loyal and determined person with a caring outlook. soft hearted and generous persona. often thought to be good lovers due to the sensuality -ssociated with corresponding letter-soundings. indian in origin, decending directly from legendary heroes of love from the past. fighter and lover in one, they are all rounded companions because of their p-ssion […]

  • froze the b*lls of a br*ss monkey

    this phrase is often used when it’s bl–dy cold. the origin of this phrase stems from the early explorers when traveling at sea in the icey cold. a br-ss monkey was used to hold the cannon b-lls in a pyramid shape, when it became freezing cold the holder ( br-ss monkey)would contract and the cannon […]

  • bromther

    one who is brother and mother. a relative that is the same person as your male sibling and female parent. h-llo mein fuhrer, how is the bromther doing?

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