a very pretty woman. respectful & talented. a very good singer. very hyper.
oh my god, the girl who won the beauty pageant is such a kaliya.

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  • Char

    fun person,hott, usually a girl, very flirtatious, awesome personality. every man needs a girl like char. the roman g-ddess of bl-wj-bs. that bl-wj-b i got last night was so good, it felt like it was from char herself! char aznable, character from the 1979 anime series mobile suit gundam and its sequels, mobile suit zeta […]

  • Bull-to-the-junkie

    what somebody may say when they don’t wanna say “bull-sh-t”, or anything like that. guy1: you know justin bieber? guy2: yeah, what about him? guy1: he won the artist of the year award the other day. guy2: what?! that’s such bull-to-the-junkie.

  • pygocalypsis

    the act of covering one’s b-ttocks. this may be used figuratively when describing measures to prevent negative legal action. (gr — pygo- of or pertaining to the b-ttocks, kalyps- covering) our secretary posted the “in case of shooter” guidelines as a pygocalypsis so that the inst-tution cannot be sued.


    a term to describe texting back and forth for a long-ss time with really large breaks in between each text. person 1: “we talked from 1pm to 2am..” person 2: “oh shiet!!!…. you got that “long time communication thang.”

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