a forum called kametsu aka doki’s r-t-rded little brother was established some time ago and due to lack of user input nearly closed once every two or so since creation and has paid it server bills by some unknown means even when almost all of the users have never wanted to donate.

a forum that has a high degree of autists who are not good at social interaction and enjoy making drama++ for no good reason and are mildly racist. first encountered in the wild it members talk incoherently and open boast about pee fetishes and how they like to dress up as toddlers. the more time you spend you realize that with the increasing amount of members don’t actually posts anything, and if they do its rare and not useful unless you have autism. due to lack of member interest required posts (20) were lowered to (1) in order to access the downloads section. the highest posting / most liked member who actually seems to use the forums is the admin koby himself and gives himself “likes” on posts.
kametsu is double talk for “autism”+ “weebo” + “hikikomori” in a single word.
kametsu’ed – where normal people are pushed out by autists who take over an activity/forum/chatroom/game social envirment and spread autism to a excessive level.

friend a: i have seen all of fairy tail until last episode with out sleeping bro.
friend b: kametsu detected kametsu detected kametsu detected kametsu detected

friend a: hi my name is mike and my favorite color is green and i like full metal alcimist a lot.
friend b: kametsu detected kametsu detected kametsu detected kametsu detected kametsu detected

friend a: lol u better stop that dumb sh-t before you get kametsu’ed lol
friend b: lol this is irl not like they can come and kline me here
(friend b was h-t by a bus and has disconnected in irl)
friend a: oh sh-t….

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