shy as f-ck girl. is really sweet when you get to know her.
that girl is such a kamili.

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  • heimbuch

    a bag of d-cks, or a box of them. i don’t judge. whatchu doin over thur man? oh notin… just suckin on a heimbuch

  • whipping the brick

    when you coagulate sometimes you simultaneously whip the brick. can mean banging the sh-t outta someone like aj’s mom. dude i was whipping the brick inside aj’s mom all night and she coagulated. makings kilograms (bricks) of drugs ” my n-gg- whatchu doing over there?” “whipping the brick, mane.” ” what if the coppas catch […]

  • ziladi

    one of the most pretty and goofy girl on the planet she is so sweet to everyone and when your feeling down she is the one to cheer you up ziladi made me feel so much better yesterday

  • candle snuffer

    colloquial word for v-g-n- “i just love beautiful women, sometimes i have to grab them right in the candle snuffer.”

  • taking on trunks with one finger

    doing something seemingly difficult with exceeding ease. “oh, how was the compet-tion the other day?” “well the big hunny was easily dodging the main hunny”. “like taking on trunks with one finger?” “yeah!”

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