kawaii hawaii
i went to kamoa last summer!

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  • Daviti

    a person who is dead s-xy gud looking. a very storng person and nice,yet known as ladys man. oh look daviti is here. i can feel the heat

  • Swag Penguin

    one who has tremendous swag. with the ability to pick up any girl of guy in a matter of minutes. hudson? that kid’s a swag penguin!

  • swallowing birth control

    a woman who performs a s-xual act on a man and finishes by swallowing to prevent pregnancy. my girlfriend has never been pregnant because of swallowing birth control.

  • swaptimist

    a person who acquires cheap but useless things at swap meets, yard sales and thrift stores. i thought i’d find a way to use that broken coffeepot i bought, but i guess i was just being a swaptimist.

  • dawg kent

    for some one who is either black or trying to be… attempting to speak and say dog c-nt… student to teacher… shut your mudd you dawg kent… hmmm…

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