Karl Pilkington

producer of london radio station xfm. occasionaly mentioned in comedian ricky gervais’ live stand-ups and is a discovered talent by comedy writers gervais and merchant. often subject to fair bullying for having an odd-shaped head.
“that karl pilkington – the baldy manky roundy headed fella.”

a man with no qualifications, very little education but is now known the world over as a shaven chimp with head like a f-cking orange.
ricky gervais: karl pilkington is a bald headed mank. his cranium is perfectly spherical.
a very stupid but very funny man (even though i don’t think he means to be) who entertains ricky gervais and steven merchant every sat-rday on xfm (www.xfm.co.uk). his ignorance and stubbornness to understand the infinite number of monkey on an infinite number of typewriters theory, is hilarious.
‘your an idiot karl your an idiot karl your an idiot karl’ ricky gervais

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