a kash-ll is a smart,and beautiful girl that can cook her b-tt off
kash-ll is the name of a girl

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  • achante

    achante is such a bad -ss and doesn’t take sh-t from anyone. she will catch a b-tch outside an beat a hoe up if you test her or catch an additude. achante is not to be played with. (achante is an bad -ss b-tch) don’t test her.

  • hand myself

    painfully sticking a whole hand into your v-g-n-. “jennifer makes me want to hand myself with a bendy ruler”

  • gotta get that cheese

    when you go to the store and get cheese. “oh man lets go to the store, mom. gotta get that cheese!”

  • gaurav praj*pati

    chutiya bhosadi waala gaurav praj-pati hai kya bey?

  • taking my mind

    it’s basically saying that you like someone. and you can’t stop thinking about them wow your taking my mind

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