an amazing girl who is shy once you meet her, but is loud and out going when she gets to know you. amazing, and beautiful. kind hearted and emtional. short tempers and agressive at times. always tries to look her best
have you seen that new girl k-ssady?
no, why?
shes amazing!
she’s a sweet girl. she is amazing and incredibly stunning. she has an amazing heart and is very shy about her beauty. she is a very nice person and very easy to get along with. she makes new friends alot and can sometimes be nice to the wrong people. she sometimes winds up with people that lie to her and cheat on her, and should never wind up with someone as amazing as her. she is very outgoing and has an amazing smile. she is probably the nicest girl you could ever ask for or want.
hey u met k-ssady?

shes this really nice girl with an amazing smile.
o cool


sounds nice

il try and find her


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