a girl who is wild, crazy and undeniably beautiful. she’s a free spirit, who doesn’t believe in relationships but having a good time. she usually surrounds herself with numerous guy friends and only has one good girl friend. she’s a woman in public but a freak in private so be warned, you never know quite what to expect.
she’s totally hot and such a freak. it looks like you got a katelin on your hands
the most beautiful smart young lady with a perfect body and an amazing personality, shes smart, funny, and knows how to have fun, shes hyper and crazy and loves her bf
oh look its katelin, and shes with her boyfriend..
yeah its katelin.
can be shy at times, but when you get to know her she explodes. happy, energetic, sometimes it can be hard to hate her. she’s the girl skipping through the school halls, rolling on the gym floor laughing. katelin’s not one to be easily embar-ssed. likes to live life and have fun. surrounds herself with friends, but does like to be alone sometimes. isn’t the best at getting guys, though has many guy friends. creative and artistic, can’t stand when her ideas are rejected. has a hot temper, and can be ferocious if you do manage to make her angry. self conscious about how she looks.
person 1: doesn’t she have any dignity?
person: no. she’s katelin.
one of the nicest people in the world. she has always been there for me, even though i wasn’t always there for her. she has never judged me, and always wants to talk. she is just one of the most amazing people in the world =) and it’s safe to say that she is one of my best friends
katelin is amazing ♥
she is s-xy as h-ll. awesome as f-ck. cool as candy. she is the best chick you will ever meet. she loves to make out. she loves a guy named v!nc3. she has big ta tas and a huge -ss. she hates guys that dont treat her right. she always calls people she likes babe and baby. she always brakes the rules to get what she wants. she wont take no for an answer people might think she is a reble but she is just an awesome and amazing girl that has lots of love to share with everybody. she can sometimes be a h-rny devil.
that was totally katelin of you!
she is awesome cool funny fun loves guys! she has tons of friends who she always hangs out with. has a dumb phone brown black hair brownish hazel eyes. loves long socks is a kick -ss wrestler. she also falls for guys very easily she has huge ta tas. she sucks stuff. . . . she is super s-xy
she is such a katelin.
an uber cool girl who has large ta tas and is very loud and wild. possibly sl-tty,but only in special circ-mstances
katelin:guess what i did last night
katelin:i —- — with stevenessa!

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