a vicious creature that lives near mountains and feeds on human sperm. if u sence that u re near a katsiani, be careful, for appearances can be deceiving. during daytime, this creature has the shape of a human being, but when night falls it transforms into a half goat, 1/3rd chicken and 2/3 barbara streisand beast, with br–sts for eyes. as soon as katsianis takes that form it’s gonna start looking for male d-cks to suck on and thus fulfill its sick apet-te for male juices. there is no way to kill that beast, unless u own a continuum transfunctioner with d-ld-s attached.
“holy motherf-ckin’ cow, it’s katsianis”
“it’s coming right for us”
“eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, chamona”

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