coffee of extreme strength and lack of any additional condiments, such as milk, sugar or flavorings.

often taken by people in the computing industry, as a non-prescribed concentrational supplement.

kawphy is never drunk by those who also drink tea or tea variants, with the exception of iced tea (source: wild -ssumption).

kawphy consumption is especially commom amongst hacker (note: not to be confused with cracker / phreaker) groups, as its concentration enhancing properties are reported to allow for a bullet time like effect when the user is required to think fast and make quick decisions.
“dude, make me another cup of kawphy while you’re there eh? i got 10,000 more lines to write tonight.”

“|-|o1d 0n d00d, g077a d0\/\/n 4n07h0r ka\/\/p|-|y b3for3 1 j4ck 1n.”

“subject 31c, police records show that the subject was found dead in his appartment at 21:57pm, an autopsy showed that death was caused by consumption of 36 to 39 400ml doses of kawphy. suicide is suspected.”
meeting up with fellow geeks, usually in a place that serves coffee.
used in proper context as; “let’s go out for kawphy with the guys from compsci or that #“.

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