a vibrant, beautiful, strong, and caring woman. who is enjoys all that life has to offer. she will provide you with clarity in your mind, happiness in your heart & peace in your soul.
i am were i am suppose to be in my life . . . i feel kaye
let’s put it this way, this is the type of girl who you don’t want to pick a fight with. is aggressive yet loving to the ones she cares about. very indecisive but, when under pressure she has the ability to make decisions quickly. has crazy mood swings, but give her something to munch on and she’ll shut up.
guy 1: hey, that girl over there is totally pmsing!

guy 2: oh, its okay its just kaye, go give her a chocolate bar or something.
a middle name of an awesome female partner in crime!!!! hates wilderbeests and has plenty of haters!!! can be quite feisty so try to stay on her good side or she’ll eat you up!! watch out for kaye!!!
that chicks my main kaye

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