a super-sweet, energetic, and typically blonde girl. she always does her homework, has straight a’s, volunteers at the soup kitchen, does cheerleading, track and field, and manages the lacrosse team, and still has time to babysit her younger siblings. in short, kaytelin is a f-cking goddess.

unique spelling of the more popular caitlin, kaitlin, caitlyn, kaitlyn, catelin, katelin, catelyn, and katelyn. kaytelin can be called kay, kayte, kaytie, or kaytelin because of the versatile spelling.
guy 1: bro, did you check out the new girl? she’s like a supermodel.
guy 2: dude, she does like a sh-t ton of other stuff too.
girl in the background: yeah, she’s a kaytelin. what do you expect?

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