is a very funny, cute, short, black male, he enjoys movies and tv more than school, he’s quite ignorant most of the time, overall a good person
hey kayvien! how about them bad b-tches on skype?

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  • kevbo

    a slang term for a guy named kevin who is useless or dumb ex. “kevbo f-cked it up, call him” “kevbo made the schedule it’s all messed up” “i’m telling kevbo” (because he will overreact since he’s dumb)

  • anul beads

    anul beads are a s-x toy used to penatrate the anul cavities, increasing the speed of entrance increases the amount of pleasure you receive i would love to shove anul beads up your r-ct-m

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    the most violent and ruthless e ganggang on the web, ruled by og thugoverlord. falconsquad kills all the ops

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  • purplekewlaid

    one who is honest and modest at heart purplekewlaid is amazing but will not brag.

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