a really pretty woman, usually has brown hair, and is kind to everyone
“wow keal is so nice and beautiful!”

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  • drop the phone

    to stop talking, or leave someone clueless, in the middle of a conversation. my parents always drop the phone, and i never get the answer i’m looking for. are you going to finish your sentence? or just drop the phone right here.

  • mirror island

    a strip club, private dance room mama used to work at mirror island and clap it for my step dads

  • el prez

    the act of receiving oral s-x from a woman in a public bathroom, following your own bowel movement. yo, doug got an el prez in the strip club from that dancer….

  • abastide

    the name abastide is of beautiful, independent girl. she is always cool about everything, and she will always listen to what you have to say. but, if you play her, just know you finna die. shes super keen on giving, so don’t go all boonk gang on her, she will destroy you. wow, that girl […]

  • remembem

    another word for remember “do you remembem when we were young.”

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