s-xy -ss person thats everybody knows. very funny and chill. love putting other people in relationships but refuse to get in one. the “lit one” that cant ever be sad. can be very disrespectful when in a bad mood. love messing with others but get angry when getting messed with. loyal to whomever in a relationship with also to friends. not afraid to do anything.
“d-mn aint dat keamonie, w-ssup dawg”.

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    thot… also a boss -ss b-tch sometimes d-mn she’s such a f-cking alaafia always walking around pinole.

  • harcus

    a family name which usually curses the male of the family with a small p-n-s girl 1: girl 2, hook up with him!” girl 2: “omg no! his surname is harcus. his d-cks gonna be tiny!”

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