the goat
keasten is the goat (greatest of all time)

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  • chicken jiggle

    the red jello-like stuff that hangs on a chickens head or a turkeys neck “what’s that jiggly stuff on that roosters beak?” “that i believe is chicken jiggle.”

  • golden rhino

    when you put on a condom, then urinate, then engage in v-g-n-l s-x “i had to pee before we had s-x in her car, but she said that she wanted a golden rhino, so i went for it”

  • mr hunthausen

    a dumb -ss teacher who talks to much and also very wrinkly i saw mr .hunthausen last week he was looking terrible.

  • kenzlee

    a beautiful young girl usually best with blonde hair. full of pure energy and always tries to smile at the worst times. just her sparkling eyes can make eveyone smile. if you meet a kenzlee, don’t let her go, you are truly blessed to meet one. looks: usually beautiful blue eyes and looks beautiful as […]

  • cr*p paddle

    cr-p paddle is when you drop your paddle and scream cr-p! also can be when you stick a piece of cr-p on a paddle and you slap someone with it so they scream cr-p! me: hey look over there she just dropped her paddle. you: oh, what a cr-p paddle move. me: wanna get loco […]

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