a big c-nt
wow that guys an -sshole, what a keda

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    also known as the pfs the purple freckle squad is a group of people known for being the odd group who are socially awkward when not around the other members. they may not be the most popular group of people but they are accepting of others and many people seek them out for their trust […]

  • sound c*nt

    scottish term of endearment; someone who is a genuinely good person. “aye, a know john. he’s a sound c-nt”

  • cloud cat

    vaping in a girl’s p-ssy. dude i cloud catted lizzie last night!

  • gorilla face wash

    when you are ready to blow your load in your girl and she wants it on her face instead, you get upset because you were just about to c-m inside her. “i’m about to c-m” “oh yeah baby, give me a gorilla face wash”

  • rrrt

    a noise that a small weasel makes when he/she is angry. rrrt

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