to run up behind someone and pull their panties down to reveal the mother of all bushes.
oh my gosh did you just see that girl just got kegged in that shop window by that b-tch.
a practical joke where someone pulls someone elses pants and mabye their underwear down in front of other people. usually high school boys do this in locker rooms.
dude did you see that jock keg shawn in gym? he got kegged
when an unsuspecting male and/or female is paying attention to something when suddenly thier under garments are pulled to thier ankles.
dude, dave totally got kegged!
to have your trousers pulled down by someone without you knowin.
joe kegged beth yest-rday, right down to her ankles!
to be owned, pwned, or get your -ss whooped in a video game or real life.
carl: holy sh-t jayson just got kegged!
markus: d-mn man i know that was epic!

carl: dude did you see that?
jayson: yeah man your -ss just got kegged!
a surfer who has just got barreled of his t-ts

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