Kegs and Eggs

an annual saint patrick’s day celebration held in albany, ny. there are two ways one can go about celebrating kegs and eggs; the first is by going out at midnight to several different parties and develop a buzz untill the sun comes up. upon sunrise you move to one of the many bars such as chubby’s, michael’s, bogey’s, etc. you then continue partying, drinking, and bathing in beer untill around noon.
the other form of celebrating kegs and eggs for p-ss-es is to set your alarm clock and go out at 6 in the morning.
guy 1: hey man, when are you going out tonight for kegs and eggs?

guy 2: i was going to set my alarm for 6

guy 1: you’re such a p-ssy
held on st. patty’s day in albany n.y. is the one day of the year that not only is it acceptable to set your alarm clock to wake up at 6am and begin drinking, it is expected! after you pound a few screwdrivers you make the hike down to the branch on lake st. where at 7am the line is over 100 people long waiting for the bar to open. it is completely acceptable for guys to p-ss in the snow banks in fact other drunks cheer you. you finally get in for a 15 dollar fee but don’t worry it is all you can drink. but the catch is probably 350 plus people are in the bar and their is probably less than 80 pitchers. and those lucky enough to get pitchers don’t drink the beer they rather dump it on everyone. the humidity level inside is 100% as water droplets form on the ceiling and every time the door opens a fog over takes the bar. if you have to p-ss it doesn’t matter the bathroom is occupied most of the guys just let it flow in their pants. if you’re lucky enough to live till 11am when the bar closes the festivities don’t end all day and night long but beware you will feel what is known as double day syndrome in which you’re up so early drinking the day will be so long it feels as though the night is a second day in itself.
kegs and eggs is a party from 6am till you cant go any longer.

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