a idiot that thinks that 9×1=3
keighlar,i idiot that describes his b-tt all the time

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  • red rope

    when two women perform oral s-x on a man. one woman hangs upside down hanging from a red rope while the other woman spins the rope while performing oral s-x on a man. then the -ssisting woman lets go of the tightly spun rope still performing oral s-x while spinning the other direction. jim let’s […]

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    a progressive metalcore band from england, that is known for having intricate guitar and drum work, different time signatures, and awesome breakdowns. though they are one of the better metalcore bands out there, they still have some common flaws of metalcore bands, like having whinny lyrics, and slight lowering in quality after losing a singer. […]

  • qtnfa

    questions that need f-cking answers why does hollywood not cast women of color for leading roles? #qtnfa

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    getting someone you work with fired, only to be fired by their replacement days later. after pulling a mooch, maybe they’ll makeup and start the job hunt together.

  • mint tip

    when one applies toothpaste to their p-n-s and then proceeds to brush another’s teeth. one night derek got really drink and p-ssed out in the bathroom. then some unrecognized bis-xual man gave derek a mint tip.

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