kei’jonne is pretty much the best person you’ll ever meet.period.he’s known for his extremely humorous and fun-loving personality and is very talented.he may act dumb at times, but is actually very intelligent.kei’jonne loves attention and usually is in the center of attention.he is a determined person who never gives up on things desite if the results aren’t good.he generally is very laid back and friendly but he’s one of those people you don’t wan’t to take advantage or underestimate because he will leave some serious bruises.all in all, kei’jonne is the guy who cares deeply for others, loves to have fun, always be on the top of his game and highly addictive to be around.he may become shy at times (when it comes to girls, mainly) but immediately no opens up once he gets to know them better.he loves being in the center of attention so he’s easy to talk to when confronted.if there’s any problem going on with the people he cares about, he won’t hesitate to help those in distress.basically, to summarize this whole definition kei’jonne is indeed an awesome person to be (or to know).if you ever meet a kei’jonne, it would be smart to get to know him because there isn’t many of his kind out there. especially one named in this strange, but cool way.
“oh my goodness, kei’jonne is so freaking funny”.
“kei’jonne is so smart and talented and very handsome.i wish i was like him.”
“you’ll never meet a guy like kei’jonne.the dude is too awesome”!

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