f-ggot as quier
she is such a kekei

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  • herkin his dirk

    jacking off alone. he was over there herkin his dirk.

  • shot of pepto

    the interaction in which a male -j-c-l-t-s into the bleeding v-g-n- of a woman in her menstrual cycle, stirs the blood and s-m-n with his finger and/or p-n-s, and then lets the resultingly pink sauce drip into a shotgl-ss. afterwards, the male will quickly drink it. john: “hey man, you were up late last night […]

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    a woman who is great at head. who can get wet on command. and can smoke out any n-gg-. guy:are you sure this isn’t your first time? galita: laughed and went deeper

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    a guy with a m-ssive p-n-s who simply is coolest guy you’ll ever find george melvin has a m-ssive d-ck

  • commercium

    after pulling out, the splooge at the end of your d-ck that dries into a thin, glazed-donut-like crust which flakes off like well-cooked salmon. the morning after i banged my aunt, i caressed my kn-b and gently flicked her commercium off my shaft.

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