a piece of sh-t town that is inhabited by wannabes who only stay around for the “popular reputation.” anyone with the right last name is welcomed with open arms oh, and forgot to mention, they start varcity on teams who haven’t placed in years apon years. don’t forget about the mormons and there pushyness to join their f-cked up cult (judgmental bible thumpers). the boys are so redneck that when they run of out cousins to f-ck they resort to sheep. the girls act all modest on sunday but during the week they are more than happy to spread there checks (the back door if you know what i’m sayin) for any tom, d-ck, or harry. after all the book of mormon doesn’t mention -n-l. all and all it’s a town full of two faced, backstabbing b-tches. #rugged
* someone moving to kemmerer, wy.

“word of advice get out as soon as you can i hear the bangos playing.”

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