Kenosha Creamer

kenosha creamer aka wisconsin cream puff… if there is one thing people in wisconsin like its dairy products, big cows, and sausage of european origin. using native wisconsian skills developed by milking cows and handling kielbasa, this low impact endeavor can be implemented by the young and old alike. the naked man on hands and knees with his milk maiden carefully positioned below his man udder, mouth open readily waiting to recieve the steamy, creamy treat. using the inherent milking apt-tude native to these parts, the women skillfully fills her creamer a.k.a. mouth. degree of difficulty can be increased by having the women sing the state song “oh wisconsin” or by playing polka music to add native ambience. add some expresso and you’ve got yourself a kenosha cappuccino.
john knew he had an experienced chick on his hands when she suggested they do the kenosha creamer

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