goofy, irritating ,a joker,loves to make people feel loved,has an outstanding personality,loves pizza,and is exceptionally great at s-x.👅
kentara is just kentara in a kentara way. kentara is great!

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  • kang daniel

    noun. a talented and beautiful person who is soft and a squish but is a total opposite person when on stage. he’s wanna one’s center and he deserves it. he and ong seongwoo make a combo called ongniel stan kang daniel kang daniel is lee woojin’s dad

  • raykwon

    tall handsome guy who is very smart and plays a sport lady’s love him from the way he speak but some times can be a little to flirty with everyone . he is a 「honest」 guy who will try his best to make u happy i love raykwon he is so loving

  • orange russian

    an orange russian is a c-cktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and urine. did you see that video of donny on facebook? some chick gave him an orange russian!

  • tucson saftey switch

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  • teuth

    a fat man or woman who’s gender you can’t tell that hoe is a teuth

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