amazingly s-xy, down to earth, beautiful, hot, funny, skinny.
kenton makes drunk girls h-rny
kenton; (verb): to kenton is to go back in time and concieve a child with your mother-to-be, in order to become your own father.
“i kentoned myself last night… was a very messed up experience… hmm”
secretly satan’s child who is s-xy, amazing, funny, skinny, weird, amazing in bed, not single, and a jesus lover
girl; dat kenton iz s0 sxy.
kenton; oh fo sho gurl.
a state of drunkenness in which the wall transforms into a hot female shape which seduces you to grind on it.
don’t let me drink too much tonight… there are too many walls in that place, don’t wanna get to a kenton state again…

a: whats with that dude grinding on the wall? b: he’s kenton a: ohh… that sucks.
is a synonym of bl-w j-b.
“i got the worst kenton ever last night”

“this girl said she gives good kentons”
someone who p-sses the bed over the age of 12
did timmy pull a kenton after all that rum?
1. to be stoned; esp. from excessive injection of windshield wiper fluid spiked with a solution of 85% vodka, 5% trimethylhexane, and 10% tar (ref. death)
person a: sh-t dude, you look like kenton.
person b: lame.

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