kentucky mudshovel

the kentucky mudshovel is when a guy or girl in kentucky p–ps their pants after having s-x with their partner, and their partner is p-ssed out. do too pure shame of waking up next to them with p–p filled pants the person puts the poo from their pants into the pants of their p-ssed out partner. he/she then wakes up in shame thinking he/she cr-pped herself. this works when you don’t want to have to the person in the morning.
while at uk john hooked up with a random, she was hot while he was drunk. after having had s-x with her he realized she wasn’t that hot and he p–ped his pants in shame. he then decided to give her a kentucky mudshovel and call it a night. when she woke up she freaked out and went home without saying goodbye. john’s night was a success!

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