a cartoon frog they put on pillows
kerokerokerokeropi is like ^^

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  • kerplaa

    its what you shout when someone is being a r-t-rd and you want them to shut up guy 1: hey man did you, guy 2: kerplaa!!!!!!

  • c*mslug

    a spooge-filled condom, usually haphazardly tossed upon the floor. hey did you remember to uncuff the clow-god d-mn it i’ve stepped on a c-mslug. noun, a thick white glob of s-m-n that resembles a slug. i blasted her with a c-m slug in the face and marveled at how it appeared to crawl toward her […]

  • skrillax

    to relax, take a load off, kick the sh-t. just relax! “why you getting all worked up bro, just skrillax!”

  • sleepy-ing

    the act of putting your -ss up and your face down on the floor and pretend your have fallen to a deep sleep. usually used in boring situations. a type of planking. “holy sh-t hes sleepy-ing on the table!” “dude im bored lets go sleeping at the mall.”

  • c*m twinkie

    the act of jacking off to whatever you please and then busting all over a twinkie and give it to your friend. eric busted a nut all over a twinkie and then gae the c-m twinkie to tyler and he ate it and we had a good laugh

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