a very beautiful gurl who has a awesomely brite personality. caring & loving, specially towards animals. a person who you can talk too about anything. can be confusing & silly. tastes like peaches.
hey you, you remind me of kerryn!

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  • poodle b*mps

    a term of endearment, like snooky ook-ms, sweetie pie etc. a nonsense word. “i love you poodle b-mps”.

  • keytarist

    (noun) a player of the keytar. statistically, the least likely member of the band to get laid, even after the sound guy. that keytarist is epic. i dub him the finger wizard master!!!

  • khairool

    a noob you’re such a khairool.

  • khanya

    it is a south african name from a language called xhosa and it means enlightenment. in zulu, it means shine. “please meet my friend khanya a.w.” another word for being full of yourself, extremely annoying, and strongly disliked by almost everyone. “stop acting like a khanya or i’ll hit you”!

  • k-horror

    similar to j-horror, k-horror refers to korean horror movies. one example of k-horror is ‘the red shoes’. in ‘the red shoes’, a pair of bright red shoes cause multiple deaths in the women who wear them, most likely from bleeding to death because a mysterious force cuts the feet clean off. that k-horror movie scared […]

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