2. to j-zz in someone’s face in a cartoonish manner. this is unique from a money shot due to the sheer volume of j-zz involved, the high amount of humiliation caused by the act, and/or the act’s general hilariousness
sl-tty girl: “that guy is so cute.”
sl-tty girl’s friend: “would you let him kersh?”
1. to fail completely and spectacularly when the odds are stacked immeasurably in your favor. it should cause you tremendous personal embarr-ssment and make everyone hate you.
he had a 4-run lead in the 7th, but he kershed it when he gave up 5 runs and left a runner on base.
awesomeness , usually a polite charming but often sarcastic,witty gent with a great sense of humour. makes ladies feel special and men feel inferior.
does not originate from a murderous ancestoral background.
can often be misunderstood with his sarcasm , the owner of this name would not mean to offend anybody with his sarcasm and wit… unless that person was an -ss

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