cute, p-ssionate and loves to disturb people
f-ck! can you stop being such a kesin?

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  • swear like a sailor

    someone who swears a lot, like in every single sentence person 1: hey n-gg-, wanna f-cking hang out today? person 2: dude, language! you swear like a sailor person 1: f-ck god d-mn sh-t c-nt -ss! sorry bro

  • scumbag skank

    someone of poor judgement who doesn’t care about other persons feelings. instead he/she manipulates those feelings to help their own ego. one of little to no moral values. look that sc-mbag sk-nk is with another guy. that makes three this week.

  • craveman

    a person who constantly and delusionally seeks power, attention, material, acceptance, and/or fame insatiably. he’s not you’re average greedy vain attention seeker. he’s a straight up craveman!

  • jobby stabbing

    -n-l b-m s-x performed by a man with a beard to a prost-tute sh-t. that guy with the beard proppa jobby stabbed that br-ss. he was jobby stabbing the c-nt out of her.

  • vanessa halandova

    vanessa halandova is the best. you are very lucky to know her. she is just amazing in every way, you cant deny it. its quite conduring, i know, the way ur reading about another person, but i hope that you came to a conclusion, and i hope u remeber to treat vanessa well.. 🙂 how […]

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