keto cop

someone on a keto diet who rejects any idea of eating something they believe “is not ketogenic” and projects these ideas on other people (even though they are wrong)… they may also be referred to as a “keto n-z-” depending on how sever or radical their protests against some foods can be. it is unknown where their beliefs start, or how they come up with the definitions for “non-keto food”… little is known about the keto cop/n-z- other than they are most reportedly found on facebook groups, and rarely on reddit pages.
mark: i’m so confused…i told stacy i was enjoying a few strawberries with my lunch today and she went off on me saying how strawberries had sugar and sugar was not allowed on a keto diet! … she must be a keto cop because she took them and threw them away!

bill: wow, that’s totally a keto n-z-! doesn’t she know they only have 2 grams of carbs per berry?? it doesn’t matter if it’s fruit sugar, 1 gram of sugar is still just 1 carb…

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