kev adcock

the name of perfection. a bearded wonder
look at that gorgeous bearded man over there, it must be kev adc-ck

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  • caffeinessed

    the action of accomplishing a goal solely due to the aid of caffeine. “wait, you actually finished the final paper?” “8 cups of coffee and i caffeinessed it.”

  • red rim

    a small incension around the -n-l entrance to make your p-n-s fit for s-xual intercourse. billy and sally wanted to have -n-l s-x so they had to red rim her.

  • keovyonne

    a tall blackasian that is overpowered for no reason, that will throw you down the stairs because he’s “sick of your sh-t” and will pick up just for fun “he throw him down the stairs” “such a keovyonne”

  • g*ngb*ng shy

    when a boy or girl openly enjoys s-x with you as well as a known friend of yours but will not partic-p-te in a threesome. although staci was with jeremy on fri and me on sat-rday, she was g-ngb-ng shy when we both text her on sunday!

  • shower pickle

    while having s-x in the shower for a prolonged period of time, when your d-ck begins to wrinkle up from the heat and humidity-like a pickle i f-cked this one girl in the shower for so long i got a shower pickle

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