kevamri is generally a s-xy and original bis-xual person who may seem very happy and satisfied on the outside but often finds himself or herself friendzoned.he/she is very good looking and is often categorized as smokin’.often like the wrong people,mostly because of the challenge as they know that they won’t be liked back and then they get too shocked when they are liked back,so then they run away.
they are good at giving advise but don’t have solutions to their own problems.he/she is a bad-ss punk who sleeps with a teddy bear.they have the most amazing hair and a rocking they are always very helpful,they end up giving too much sh-ts to worthless sh-t.nevertheless,they can still act like douchebags as they are very moody.they have the most epic taste in music and books. kevamris are always very flirtatious and attractive which leads often leads to them sleeping with many people and spreading stds.they are still perfect in their own way.
no one can be as sxc as kevamri! 😉

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