there aren’t any definitions for keymar yet.

can you define it?

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  • aricela

    she is the most beautiful person in the whole entire world one in a million and knows how to put a smile on everybody’s faces she’s so beautiful in every single way i think she is so awesome she is so beautiful and loving cares about everyone and loves animals especially whoever feels down she […]

  • dyair

    a real -ss goon who deeply cares for his significant other. d-mn dy’air sure cares about her.

  • shanoia

    shanoia is a kind hearted, warm spirit, vibrant and understanding individual. she has a clean heart and loves to motivate others to do their best in anything they do. she is always there for others but unfortunately,when she wants someone, they’re nowhere to be found. in relationships, she’s loyal out of this world and loves […]

  • dirt canoe

    a very versatile term typically used to describe someone who possesses an annoying/negative quality of any kind. -did you hear rachel pushed that one kid down the stairs? what a “dirt canoe”. am i right?

  • meglino

    a family full of midgets f-ggot and wh-r- moms sister etc. dumb-ss meglino

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