kidnap our plans

to “kidnap our plans” (verb)

when you invite a group to come together for a special occasion or an event you planned, and then one or more of the people you invited shows up and tries to convince everyone to ditch the current plan in favor of what they really wanted to do instead.
example one:
“hey everyone lets take a vote, who wants to eat at applebee’s instead of grilling hamburgers”? hey man you accepted to join us and grill out, don’t try to kidnap our plans to suit yourself”.

example two:
guy driving the car: “golden corral is gonna be a great buffet after all the moving we did today”.
one of four people in backseat: “oh hey i invited another friend and he doesn’t like golden corral, so where are we gonna go instead guys”?
guy driving the car: “well i don’t know where y’all are going but i’m going to golden corral”!

one of four people in backseat: *returns to the phone* hey man the invite is a yes or no, you won’t be able to kidnap our plans.

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